Steel structure

We offer delivery of complete project of steel strucutes. The projects include static structural analyses, seismic analyses, drawings of structural schemas, drawings of assembly design and detailed production documentation.

These are usually simpler structures, shelters, stands, extensions of existing structures or atypical structures with the focus on the design of structural details.

We can also deliver projects of structures in the field of mechanical engineering - in the trafic automation, logistics and also with the use of aluminum profiles.

The structures are judged using sophisticated software on the base of finite element method as a beam structures by Eurocodes but we perform a detail modelling and stress analyses too. The structural solutions can include seismic analyses of the earthquake loads or any other dynamic loading eg. machinery.


  • Overall project of a steel structure, its structural solution, structural scheme, structural designs and production documentation
  • Steel trusses and beams, halls, stairs
  • Special structres with detailed modelling and analyses
  • Judgements of the seismic loads


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