Seismic resistance design

Dipl. Eng. Václav Losík offers judgements of exising as well as new building structural projects to the seismic resistance. Analysis of the structure in significant seismic areas is a complex problem that includes static and dynamic (seismic) effects that have to be considered together.

The seismic loads are defined by the design acceleration of subsoil agR which is the basic parameter in the definition of the response spectrum that is used in the dynamic analysis. Parameters of the spectra and definition of the earthquake intensity are specified by the national codes of countries or by national annexes to the Eurocodes. We offer seismic design and analyses of structures according Eurocodes and national codes in all countries of European Union, furthermore in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA and Iran according appropriate national codes.

We also offer analyses of the structural dynamic in general. We are capapble to perform dynamic analyses of structures to the dynamic loads of machinery or to the wind. There are performed modal analyses, analyses of harmonically waked structures, spectral analyses and transient analyses of the structural response in a time.



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